Be Disruptive

Today I read the About Us page of a venture capital company based in Tel Aviv. It said the following:

“Building a company is like running a marathon. It’s a team effort and requires strength, collaboration and persistence from the entrepreneur and the VC. Our mission is to partner with great entrepreneurs to build companies and drive them forward – from infancy stage into category leaders. Our team sees innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship as a way to enable people to make the world a better place.”

I read text like this all day. Companies creating technologies who are required to think outside of the box about how to address new problems. I tried to imagine how this text would look if I wanted to rethink disability:

“Living with disability is like running a marathon. It’s a team effort and requires strength, collaboration and persistence for the person with the disability, their caregivers and society at large. Our mission is to partner with people with disabilities and their caregivers and drive them forward – from infancy stage to the point where both the person with the disability and their caregivers understand the extraordinary opportunity they have been given to become happier, more fulfilled individuals. Our team sees research, innovation, creativity, financial support, education, spirituality and healing as essential components to help these people on their profound journey.”

Imagine that… a place where the moment you were told you/or the person you care for has a disability… a whole network was put in place to support you in a completely different way. Imagine if you were told you couldn’t use your eyes anymore, or your child has a rare disability, that a whole system moved into place to assist you through this profound, life-changing process. This is the journey I am on… It isn’t without its very low moments, but at some point I realised I actually just want to be a happy person and in order to get to that place, I would need to radically change the way I thought about what actually makes me happy. This is very disruptive….